Our True Colors

Intersecting Communities: BLM and Pride

June 18, 2020 Shawna Gann with Christian Gann Season 2 Episode 15
Our True Colors
Intersecting Communities: BLM and Pride
Show Notes

This week we take a look at how two marginalized communities come together at an intersection. I have this discussion with my guest this week, my son Christian Gann. Together we discuss his experiences being multiracial, what it's like being a member of the black community and the LGBT community, and the challenges that come with it. 

Be sure to listen all the way through to check out new music by Kidd and Queen with the release "Weight on Me".

Below I have listed lots of resources for topics references in the episode.

Intersection of LGBT Pride and Black Live Matter

Trans Women of Color

Justice for Tony McDade

Racial Discrimination in Dating Apps

LGBT Body Type Names

If this is your first time with OTC, check out EPISODE 1: START HERE for more background on the show.

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